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Alchemy Catalyst 5 全程试用报道

作者: 黑蓝主义 来源:汉化新世纪论坛 时间:2003-12-11 点击:9778




此为演示版本,另有 translator lite 完全版本供选用。



This is a Demo version of Alchemy CATALYST. All features are available for evaluation, but are limited in some way.
It saves changes to dialog resources only.
Only one text-parsing rule can be added.
Spell-checking is not available.
TTK files created with this version are not compatible with licenced copies of CATALYST.

草草翻译既是说只能保存对话框资源,只有文本解析规则可以增加,拼写检查不能使用(多久对中文又可以使用了?),TTK 工程文件不能同授权版本共存。




再看看界面,底部的结果面板保留增加 翻译工具栏。类似 WinTrans Pro 的感觉,嚯嚯


急不可耐的新建一个项目,将 Alchemy Catalyst 5.0 自己拿来试刀,嘎嘎!



对话框资源编辑部分增加 放大缩小 编辑视图的工具,太体贴啦

前一阵子讲的 字典应用 方法用不上啦,所有外挂的词库词条都显示在这里了。






Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 下载连接

1. Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Translator/Lite (Previously known as QuickShip):
fxp://translite:tran5l1t3@ (54,189,056 字节)
fxp://translite:tran5l1t3@ (36,343,296 字节)
fxp://translite:tran5l1t3@ (12,563,968 字节)

2. Demo edition of Alchemy CATALYST 5.0:
fxp://demo5:d3m050ene@ (54,189,056 字节)

3. Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Product Brochure:
hxxp://www.alchemysoftware.ie/downloads/brochure5.zip (784,523 字节)

4. Alchemy Database Component Brochure:
hxxp://www.alchemysoftware.ie/downloads/al...secomponent.zip (287,159 字节)

Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Translator/Lite 和 Demo edition 好像是一样的东西



New Features of Alchemy CATALYST 5.0

Only Alchemy CATALYST 5.0, the world's most popular visual localization solution, provides you with:

ezMatch Technology: Using Alchemy's ezMatch Translation Memory technology, you never have to translate the same sentence twice. Its unique Fuzzy and ID matching technology maximizes the amount of translation leveraged thus reducing your translation costs and engineering cycles.

Translate Data Content: Exploiting the latest technology for accessing many database types, such as Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL, Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 comes with a visual environment that lets you simply select the data content you wish to translate using SQL statements, then drag the resultant data into your Project TTK and start translating!

Develop your own custom parsers without coding: As the leading innovator in localization technologies, we realize that your localization engineers don't have time to write complex file parsers. This is why ezParse™ was developed. This technology combines the power and flexibility of regular expressions with a visual development environment. ezParse™ makes it simple and quick to develop text parsers for virtually any file type. ezParse™ also supports the most popular encoding systems such as UTF-8, UTF-16 and Shift-JIS.

Visual XLIFF :Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 comes with the world's first visual XLIFF translation environment. Now you can have all the power and flexibility of visual tools working directly on your XLIFF documents.

Microsoft .NET Visual Component: For Microsoft .NET applications now supports the direct translation, testing and engineering of .NET binary application files as well as RESX source files. Visual .NET Component also builds language assemblies directly from your Project TTK files. Just translate and extract to produce your international application.

Powerful Translator Toolbar: new Translator Toolbar centralizes all the activities and functionality that a translator uses in one highly functional and intuitive interface. Combined with advanced glossary manager, visual tag editor and integrated spelling and validation tools, it reduces the complexity of translating ensuring that your translators can focus on the quality and precision of their translations!

Secure XML Environment: Secure XML technology has now been extended to provide exception lists for text segmentation and introduces a new technology called Nav-Points. Using Nav-Points you take greater control over how XML documents are visually displayed. You can also split large XML files into smaller segments using Nav-Points as references points.

Project Translation Environment: With the introduction of Alchemy CATALYST 5.0, the entire user experience has been revamped! Enhancements include Quick Launch Taskbar, all new power toolbars for visual editors, a new User Profile Manager to help you share your configuration preferences amongst your localization teams, a completely new Project Navigator that combines Replica™ and advanced filter functionality in a simple to use interface and a new licensing model that avoids the use of hardware dongles!

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